Natural and Responsible.

Our Story

Manila was born from a passion for high quality natural foods made possible by combining decades of experience in aquaculture and food production with a commitment to environmentally sound practices in pristine settings.

After ten years, we are proud to be producing some of the best premium rainbow trout in the planet while fostering safe environmental practices that safeguard the purity of Patagonia’s waters.

Our process starts in the beautiful Lago Alicura, where fresh glaciar fed waters and clear skies provide an optimum growth setting for Manila’s aquaculture.

The facility covers the grow-out phase of fish prior to harvest, starting with non genetically modified stock.

Protecting the ecosystem is important to us. We use only untreated nets in our cages and pressure wash them daily. Our feed contains no antibiotics, added growth hormones, land animal by-products or preservatives.

We harvest weekly into bins with ice and water to quickly lower the temperature to 2 degrees centigrade and transport the harvested product to our processing plant in self-owned vehicles.

Fresh fillets are gel-packed and exported within 48 hours of harvest, while frozen products are bulk-shipped per the requirements of specific customers.

Every aspect of our process is third-party audited annually by IMO (Switzerland), complies with Whole Foods Market standards and is fully traceable.

No Antibiotics
No Added Growth Hormones
No Preservatives
No GMO Stock
No Land Animal Byproducts

From farm to table

Sustainable, High Quality & Delicious

The Farm

The combination between Lake Alicura's rapidly moving waters, ideal temperatures and low densitiy aquaculture create an optimal environment for raising natural rainbow trout.

The Plant

Safe environmental practices, high qualitiy infrastructure and a fully trained and stable staff allow us to operate responsibly within the boundaries of a National Park.

The Product

We strive for the freshness and authenticity of a line caught wild rainbow trout.

Commited To Our Customers

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